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SolarReserve, a U.S. developer of utility-scale solar power projects, announced today it has brought its final Certificates of Environmental Compatibility (CEC) by unanimous decision (5-0) in the Arizona Corporation Commission for its 150 megawatt (MW) Crossroads Solar technology Project. The approval includes the associated transmission line connecting the project to Arizona Public Service's transmission grid. This final approval follows earlier this December's unanimous decision (11-0) from the Arizona Power Plant and Transmission Line Siting Committee to grant the certificates.

Arizona Solar team for Corporation Commission
"I am excited about this project. In my opinion this new technology will be really beneficial once we keep making Arizona the solar capital," stated Arizona Commissioner Sandra Kennedy in their vote to guide the project. "I like the proven fact that the developers of the project will attempt to sell their solar energy within Arizona, which I believe can be a testament to our Renewable power Standard."

Arizona Solar team for Corporation Commission
The project can create over 450 construction jobs throughout the two-year construction period and up to 5,000 direct and induced jobs, including off-site supplier and supporting activities. The project includes a capital cost in excess of $500 million and is also likely to generate economic increase in Gila Bend and through the region. It'll employ no less than 45 full-time, permanent operations staff through the entire 30-year project operating life and has a yearly operating budget of up to $10 million per year, largely spend locally.

Situated on privately operated and actively cultivated land west from the Town of Gila Bend in Maricopa County, Arizona, the 150 megawatt Crossroads Solar technology Project will offer approximately 450,000 megawatt hours annually of reliable, green, zero-emission electricity to Arizona - enough to increase to 100,000 homes during peak electricity periods. The project will utilize an advanced molten salt, power tower technology developed by Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne, a division of United Technologies Corporation, offering the capacity to store 10 hours of solar technology and generate electricity when needed, even after sunlight decreases. This energy storage capability provides a stable, predictable electricity product and will replace conventional power generation that creates harmful emissions from burning coal, natural gas and oil.

"The unanimous approval by the Commission illustrates a consignment to bringing viable, utility scale solar thermal projects to Arizona that can give rise to their state meeting its renewable energy goals and peak energy demand with non intermittent, fully dis-patchable power," said Tom Georgis, Vice President of Development for SolarReserve. The project also represents hundreds of millions of dollars of investment into Arizona and significant, diverse job creation within the construction, operations, manufacturing and supply sectors."

The American Institute of Renewable Energy (AIRE) is really a solar training school fully equipped to prepare the workforce required to complete and operate SolarReserve's Crossroads Solar power project. Solar photovoltaic training is mandatory to carry out this ambitious project that will create jobs in Arizona. To be able to start-up ones career inside the solar power industry, one should make the effort to obtain a solar installation certification. AIRE also offers free solar training seminars if one wants an introductory course in solar training.